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Wednesday, 24 June 2009


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I was searching about family holiday insurance when I came across this article. I just want to thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us. Nic Fiore’s determination and love for skiing is very inspiring. It’s sad that I never got to know him. I really admired his strength to teach ski until he still can. 3 generations of skiers? That is a lot. I want to extend my sincere condolence for the relatives and friends of Nic Foire. He is in a happy place now, resting peacefully. Nic Foire will never leave as long as there are fully determined, enthusiastic and committed skiers among us. He’s memory will truly be remembered.

Loy Cutshall

Dear Barbara,
Bob and I (Loy) Cutshall and our 4 children were privileged to learn to ski under Nic's teaching. We both worked with him as college students in 1949, 1950. I used to sing for the Firefall ceremony at Curry and visited with him while being involved with the making of the Curry 100 year celebration under Tom Bobb's direction.We shared meals at the Ahwahnee when we visited every year. Also loved seeing him as he hosted the guests at the door in his Bracebridge costume and wonderful engaging smile. We met him at the many Sierra camps and always cherished his table talk at dinner over a bragging session of his staff in the kitchen. (Young kids who learned the right way
to serve food in the high country). He was a joy to all and will always be remembered as the yodeling spirit of Yosemite.
Our last visit with him was in the Assisted living in Fresno.The death of your Mom in Florida had such an impact on his sense of purpose and values. She was always part of his sharing times with us and was amazed she chose him as a partner.
Our lives were always enriched with every esperience. We loved him dearly. He and Bob will meet in their new heavenly home and I know the reunion will be of old memories and times spent in their beloved Yosemite. God's blessings on you and your family.
In fond memories of a dear man and wonderful days of yore. Loy Cutshall and family.

John Poimiroo

Thanks for posting this, Barbara. Nic was truly as big to Yosemite as El Capitan.

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