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Tuesday, 16 January 2018


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Maria Wegner

I also enjoy driving during the early morning and savor the cool breeze. Regardless of weather or season, it is important that every driver drives safely to avoid accidents. And yes, with this scenic view, who wouldn’t want to slow down for a while and appreciate the beauty of nature?

Tyra Shortino

I’ve experienced driving through a thick layer of fog when I went to Sussex, England last year. It was really scary at first since I hardly knew the place. Plus, I was all alone but the experience taught me one great lesson: if one of your senses fails you, strengthen the rest. Since I couldn’t see properly, I tried my best to sense whether there’s a car in front of me or something. =)

Dante Mallet

Driving through a street filled with thick fog makes me feel like I’m driving through Silent Hill, hehe! But even though I’m a bit scared, I also feel excited to see the scenery when it clears. Maybe I should just avoid driving through fogs during night time, eh? =)

Clint Moore

Good to know that you’re a very careful driver, especially when the fog is that thick. I know that feeling of excitement as the road unveils itself from all that fog. It’s like seeing the road in a new way. Like you, I also take time to appreciate the things around me while I’m driving. It starts my day right too. I hope you’ll have more amazing drives like that! =)

Sebastian Gaydos

That's the joy of having a ride on a foggy day: experiencing the suspense of going to your favorite destination behind the fog. And then, once you reach it, there's a feeling of complete fulfillment in your journey. I wish I can experience that every day! That would make driving a much more enjoyable experience!

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